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Together with its rise, the school has been given its patron in the person of Professor Adam Wodziczko. This honorable man, the professor of botany at Poznań University, initiated the setting of The National Park of Wielkopolska (The Wielkopolski National Park) and has set up the foundations of the protection of the environment in Poland.
Since its beginning, the school works on the environment education programme. This activity receives special support since there has been a new subject introduced into the education programme - environment studies.
Cooperation with Konstantynowo Forest Inspectorate and The Wielkopolski National Park, started in the seventies is being continued. The school helps in setting up new afforestations and cleaning the Park's forest areas.
Our students participate in wondering tours into the Park, and to the surrounding countryside. While enjoying these events, they learn the Nature and wildlife to protect it better and to have better view on the school's patron's idea. The tournaments connected with his life and activity traditionally take place in the Park.
For many years it has been a tradition to participate in "Cleaning the World". Both the teachers and the students actively join and enjoy the event and more and more enthusiasts collect litter every year with us. This issue has receives approval and support from The Ecological Fund and The Council of Mosina.

Zespół Szkół im. Adama Wodziczki w Mosinie

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