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The idea of getting the students involved in deciding about their own matters has been put into practice in different forms of Students' Self-Government activity. The Self-Government as an organisation created by students, for students, with students as members, represents the entire learners' community and each one as an individual. Through its representatives it collaborates with teachers, the school administration, classes, parents, hobby corners, local community. It also works on passing the school statutes and is active in deciding about numerous school issues.
The Students' Self-Government's activities are:
Every year the school is represented on historical anniversaries and the national days:
          The 20th October Memorial Day- the anniversary of the execution of the citizens of Mosina, made by the Nazi soldiers in 1939.
          The 11th November National Day of Independence
          The Mosina Days
Events for all members of the school community
          Autumn wondering tours along the tracks of Wielkopolski National Park, with the tribute paid to the patron of the school at his memorial monument.
          Ceremonial pledge of the first class students made on The Education Day
          Carnival parties, discotheques, musical events
          Games and entertainment on The School's Patron's Day in spring
          Excursions, tournaments, competitions
          Farewell event for the graduates
The school's musical, theatre and cabaret groups have performed not only in but outside - for the people of Mosina and for other schools.
During the presentations of their professional skills, tournaments and shows- our students have been awarded diplomas and prizes in inter-school competitions.
School bulletins and news sheets are produced
Class Christmas meetings are traditionally organized
The School Self-Government membership contributes to active social life and help served to others, self-dependence, cooperativeness, planning and reaching targets.

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